List of Accredited Laboratories According to ISO/IEC 17025
To see the scope of any accredited laboratory, please click at its accreditation number

  C A L I B R A T I O N   L A B O R A T O R I E S
Scope of any accredited laboratory by group
Group 1
Electrical, Frequency, Temperature Relative
       Humidity and Relevant Fileds
Group 2
Force, Mass, Dimension, Pressure and Relevant
Group 3
Volume, chemical Test Equipment and Relevant
       Chemical Fileds

Laboratory Names Accreditation Number
1Reference Standards Laboratory, Thai Airways International Public Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0003
2N.M. Technical Center Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0006
3Calibration Services and Environmental Analysis Department, Technology Promotion Association (Thailand - Japan)CALIBRATION 0008
4Equipment Maintenance Division, Gas Business Group, PTT Public Company Limited CALIBRATION 0010
5Photometry and Temperature Standards Laboratory, Industrial Metrology and Testing Service Centre (Bangpoo), Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological ResearchCALIBRATION 0015
6Premier System Engineering Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0024
7Energy Meter Calibration Laboratory, Control and Protection System Division, Electricity Generating Authority of ThailandCALIBRATION 0025
8Calibratech Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0030
9Quality Analysis Department, Oil Business Unit, PTT Public Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0031
10Calibration Laboratory, Marske Machine (Thailand) Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0035
11Calibration Center for Industry, Faculty of Engineering, Burapha UniversityCALIBRATION 0036
12Electrical and Electronic Standards Laboratory, Industrial Metrology and Testing Service Centre (MTC), Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR)CALIBRATION 0037
13HI-TECH Calibration Center Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0042
14Calibration Laboratory, Ekarat Engineering Public Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0043
15Quality Calibration Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0049
16Calibration Laboratory, Engineering Division, Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand) Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0050
17Miracle International Technology Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0052
18Unithai group company limitedCALIBRATION 0058
19Calibration Laboratory, Calibration Laboratory Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0059
20Mechanical Engineering Standards Laboratory, Industrial Metrology and Testing Service Centre, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR)CALIBRATION 0060
21Calibration Laboratory, National Food InstituteCALIBRATION 0061
22Calibration Laboratory, Mettler - Toledo (Thailand) Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0062
23Calibration Laboratory, Tira Thai Public Company Limited.CALIBRATION 0068
24Calibration Laboratory, TOT Public Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0070
25Nissin Brake (Thailand) Co., LtdCALIBRATION 0071
26Poonsub Can Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0073
27Standards Calibration Laboratory, Yokogawa (Thailand) Company limitedCALIBRATION 0075
28Lohakij Rung Chareon Sub Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0077
29Calibration Laboratory, Beerthip Brewery (1991) Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0080
30Siam Scales & Engineering Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0083
31Calibration Laboratory, Isocal Technology Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0085
32SPC Calibration Center Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0087
33Surface Plate (Thailand) Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0091
34Northeastern Region Operation Division Calibration Laboratory, Electricity Generating Authority of ThailandCALIBRATION 0092
35Daikin Industries (Thailand) Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0093
36SGS (Thailand) LimitedCALIBRATION 0100
37Calibration Laboratory, Northern Weights and Measures Center (Chiang Mai), Department of Internal TradeCALIBRATION 0104
38Calibration Laboratory, Thermology Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0109
39Calibration and Testing Division, The Government Pharmaceutical OrganizationCALIBRATION 0112
40PTS Calibration & Validation Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0115
41Calibration Laboratory, Thai-Korea Calibration Center Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0116
42Electrical and Electronics Institute, Foundation for Industrial DevelopmentCALIBRATION 0119
43Electrical Equipment Testing Division, Research and Development Department, Metropolitan Electricity AuthorityCALIBRATION 0120
44Calibration Laboratory, Agro-Industry Development Center for Export, Faculty of Agro-Industry, Prince of Songkla UniversityCALIBRATION 0121
45Precision Standard Laboratory Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0123
46Central Laboratory (Thailand) Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0125
47Calibration Laboratory, Flowlab & Service Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0126
48Calibration Laboratory, Regional Medical Sciences Center, Chiang MaiCALIBRATION 0127
49Calibration Laboratory, Scientific Equipment Center, Prince of Songkla UniversityCALIBRATION 0128
50International Testing Service Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0129
51Becthai Bangkok Equipment & Chemical Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0131
52NEC Corporation (Thailand) LimitedCALIBRATION 0132
53Inter Temp Service and Supply Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0134
54Emporium Service Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0135
55Calibration Laboratory, Forth Calibration & Service Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0136
56A.P.Precision Center Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0137
57Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory, Division of Radiator and Medical devices, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public HealthCALIBRATION 0141
58Calibration Laboratory, Physis and Engineering Program, Department of Science ServiceCALIBRATION 0142
59Division of Biomedical Instrument, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol UniversityCALIBRATION 0143
60National Institute of Metrology (Thailand)CALIBRATION 0144
61Test Equipment Calibration Laboratory Aeronautical Radio of Thaidland LimitedCALIBRATION 0145
62Thai Aviation Industries Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0146
63Calibration Laboratory, Science Magic Grow Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0147
64Calibration Laboratory, WK Electric Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0148
65National Institute of Metrology (Thailand)CALIBRATION 0150
66Asia Medical and Agricultural Laboratory and Research Center Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0152
67Q.R. Service and Calibration Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0153
68Dimension Calibration Center Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0155
69Thaiheart Calibration Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0156
70Calibration Laboratory, Entech Associate Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0157
71Doctor Calibration Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0158
72Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory, Office of Atoms for PeaceCALIBRATION 0161
73Calibration Laboratory, Science Tech Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0162
74Calibration Laboratory, Bureau of radiation and medical devices, Department of medical scienceCALIBRATION 0163
75PVN Engineering Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0165
76Banpan Research Laboratory Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0166
77Regional Medical Sciences Center 12/1 Trang, Department of medical scienceCALIBRATION 0167
78Metrohm Siam Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0168
79Calibration Laboratory, Metrology Lab Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0171
80C.C.S. Advance Tech Co.,Ltd.CALIBRATION 0172
81Experteam Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0173
82The Environmental Center, Suan Dusit UniversityCALIBRATION 0174
83Calibration Laboratory, Burapha Metrology System Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0176
84Intro TSC Company limitedCALIBRATION 0177
85Center on Industrial Instrument Calibration, King Mongkut's University of Technology ThonburiCALIBRATION 0179
86Calibration Laboratory, Scientific and Technological Instruments Center, Mae Fah Luang University CALIBRATION 0180
87Advantage Center Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0181
88Calibration Laboratory, Master Calibration Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0183
89Calibration Laboratory, International Laboratories Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0184
90Calibration Laboratory, Kohseisha Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0187
91Technology Instruments Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0188
92Calibration Laboratory, Thai Calibration Services Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0189
93Calibration Laboratory, Progress Calibration Center Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0191
94Laboratory and Calibration Center, West Coast Engineering Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0192
95Skip Calibration Engineering Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0195
96Bureau of Quality Control of Livestock ProductsCALIBRATION 0196
97Harikul Science Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0197
98Sithiporn Associates Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0199
100IRC Technologies LimitedCALIBRATION 0203
101IRPC Metrology Center, IRPC Public Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0204
102Trinergy Instrument Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0206
103Center of Industrial Instruments Calibration, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Rajamangala University of Technology : IsanCALIBRATION 0207
104Keep Moving Forward Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0208
105Bara Scientific Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0209
106Measuretronix Co., Ltd. CALIBRATION 0210
107Scientific Calibration Service Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0211
108SVS NGV Services Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0216
109Inctech Metrological Center Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0217
110Sartorius (Thailand) Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0219
111DKSH (Thailand) LimitedCALIBRATION 0224
112Azbil (Thailand) Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0225
113Kulthorn Kirby Public Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0226
114Hollywood International LimitedCALIBRATION 0227
115Microtech calibration laboratory Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0228
116Bangkok High LAB Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0229
117Celestica (Thailand) LimitedCALIBRATION 0230
118SIIX EMS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0232
119Premier Calibrate Instrument Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0233
120Calibration Laboratory, P.S. CALIBRATION CO., LTD.CALIBRATION 0235
121Calibration Laboratory (Nakhon Ratchasima Plant), Thai Bitumen Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0236
122Calibration Laboratory, Southern Calibration Service Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0237
123Progress Calibration Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0238
124Calibration Laboratory, Instruments Cailbration section, Mae mog mine production division, Electricity Generating Authority of ThailandCALIBRATION 0239
125Instrument Calibration Laboratory, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited CALIBRATION 0240
126National Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0241
127Rayong Gas Separation Plant, PTT Public Company Limited CALIBRATION 0242
128Ampol Food Processing Ltd.CALIBRATION 0243
129Calibration Laboratory, Metrology Center SCI Eco Services Co.,Ltd.CALIBRATION 0244
130Siamintercorp (Thailand) Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0245
131PLIC Corp., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0246
132Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0247
133SRS Calibration Center Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0248
134Medical Engineering Division, Department of Health Service SupportCALIBRATION 0249
135Cal. Lab. Metrology Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0250
136Sumipol Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0251
137Rockertek (Thailand) Co.,LtdCALIBRATION 0252
138Kinetics Corporation Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0253
139Advance Power-Tech Center Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0254
140Biozen Co.,Ltd.CALIBRATION 0255
141Calibration Laboratory, G.I.Industry Co.,Ltd.CALIBRATION 0256
142Thai Metrology Calibration Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0257
143Mitutoyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0258
144Radiation and Medical Devices Regional Medical Sciences Center 9 NakhonratchasimaCALIBRATION 0259
145Crystal Calibration Sales & Service Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0260
146S K Sales and Service Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0261
147Digital Calibration Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0262
148Bio Lab Center Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0263
149Yamazen(Thailand) Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0264
150KCG Corporation Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0265
151Calitech Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0266
152CG Engineering Limited PartnershipCALIBRATION 0267
153Success Gateway Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0268
154Thaiyang Kitpaisan LaboratoryCALIBRATION 0269
155Standard calibration center, Naval Electronics DepartmentCALIBRATION 0270
156Interhides Public Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0271
157Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0272
158Siam General Instrument Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0273
159I Know Cal Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0274
160Thai Steel Cable Public Company LimitedCALIBRATION 0275
161P.C.S. Calibration Lab Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0276
162Office of Research and Development, Royal Irrigation DepartmentCALIBRATION 0277
163Nuclear Technology
Service Center Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (Public Organization)
164Hospital Assets Management Service Co.,LtdCALIBRATION 0279
165Nuclear Technology Service Center Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (Public Organization)CALIBRATION 0280
166Bureau of Weights and Measures,Department of Internal TradeCALIBRATION 0281
167National Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0282
168Automation Service Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0283
169Calibration Laboratory PTTEP Siam limited.CALIBRATION 0284
170Professional Calibration & Services Co., Ltd.CALIBRATION 0285

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